Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Online Surveys

Guest Post by Stephen Phillips

Online paid surveys are becoming very popular among teens, stay-at-home moms, retired persons and everyone who wants to earn some extra par time income. Every day thousands of people register online to various survey sites and hope for a decent part time income. But unfortunately only few of them make enough money online.

Why is it so? The only reason of this is, most of them don’t know anything about online surveys, their methodology, legitimacy of survey sites and which site to join. So first of all, let’s talk about some basic points about online surveys.

1) What are online surveys exactly?
Online survey is a process by which big companies collect feedback and reviews of customers about their products, services and future business plans. As online surveys are easy to conduct, more and more companies are diving in this field. Professional survey sites conduct these surveys and collect data for companies. You get paid for your opinions, time and valuable reviews.

2) How much can be earn?
Earning depend upon type of survey sites you are working with, time you are dedicating in taking surveys and how long you have been doing this. There are some who earn merely $50 to $30 per month and some are earning more than $3000 per month. This all depends upon your ability to search for genuine sites that really pay for your opinion.

3) Type of surveys you can take part in:
Basic concept behind online surveys is same everywhere. There may be different payment options i.e. some sites pay cash per survey you complete, while some provides gifts and other rewards. There are also “get paid to try” types of surveys, where you can get paid to try some product or any service.

4) What are the eligibility criteria to join survey sites?
Ability to provide your honest opinions, that’s all what you need to take surveys. Companies are looking for your truthful feedback. So no specific eligibility criteria are there to take surveys online.

5) Where can legitimate survey sites be found?
You can find information about genuine survey sites at popular make money online forums, where you can take advice of experts. Another option is to find out review type of sites where unbiased reviews of best survey sites are given. You can also join a good survey network site, and get instant access of huge database of authentic sites that pay decent money for taking surveys.

Online surveys are really giving out money for your opinion, but you need to distinguish between scams and authentic sites. This will surely help you to earn a handsome part time income online.

Author Bio:
Stephen Phillips is a paid survey expert and has researched to find best and Legitimate Paid Surveys available on internet. He also runs a resource site where he writes reviews of best survey sites and tips to maximize your earnings by taking surveys.

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