An Amazing Free Course From Kevin Potts

By Paul Lynch

This week I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Potts who runs

Kevin is very well known in the internet marketing world as being one of Tim Lowe’s (Made $20,000,000 online since 2001) most successful students:

Kevin and his Academy have built a massive reputation for honesty and integrity, with a commitment to over delivering each and every time. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur’s coach Kevin used to be a full-time Minister of Religion - can you believe it - and that's why you'll often see him wearing his dog collar.

Anyway, Kevin is a fantastic, genuine guy with a real passion to create great coaching for home based entrepreneurs and I've managed to persuade him to let me send you this fantastic FREE offer which, once it is out of its test phase, will cost just under a $1,000.

The material he has agreed to let my customers sample, completely Free of charge includes a brand new Kick-Start resource report, which maps out clearly and plainly the essential steps in building a real home based Internet business. Additionally in a series he's called Starting Point, Kevin will be providing you with 10 videos on DVD, again completely free of charge. These will be followed up by his other new series Life Changers, again videos on DVD and again completely free of charge.

I have to say it is rare for me to get so excited, but I can assure you, I have checked this out fully and there is no catch and what you'll also find on his new site, is a promise not to deliver sales pitches... For those of you, who are used to my service and products, just jump in right now before he has to pull this free test. For those of you who are a little more skeptical thinking "there's no such thing as a free lunch", let me tell you with this offer you are way off the mark.

I really am not sure how long Kevin will be able to keep this open so you need to act now by visiting if you want to get your hands on all these coaching series, totally FREE of charge.

You certainly won't say I never give you anything for free again.

P.S. Kevin banked over £189,000 with his very first product! In this new FREE course you will see him “live” on camera as he walks you through the exact same steps!

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