Increase Your Conversion Rate by Tracking What Your Visitors are Doing in Your Website

There is a new tool called Visitor Spy which was recently launched by Matt Callen you might be interested on. The tool can improve your conversion rate.

Whether your goal is to generate sales, leads or AdSense advertising revenue through your site, conversion rate is your main concern. Knowing well your visitors' movement, action, clicks and the area they always focus on in your site will enable you to make the right changes on your site to fit the visitors' needs and subsequently boost up your earning.

Let say if you want to do well in AdSense, you'll need to put your AdSense ads in the locations of your pages where your visitors will always click links in. Visitor Spy will let you know that good locations.

Since Visitor Spy tracks your visitors and provide accurate information on what exactly your visitors are doing while they browse your site and pages, You'll know what they are really looking for so enabling you to recommend them the right product or service on your site. This certainly a good way to get more sales and leads.

Visitor Spy is cool. Watch the video presented by Matt about how it works. It was a cutting-edge technology. I think you'll like it.

You can access and use this tool free instantly by signing up at

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