How to Add keywords description for My blog using Mata data tag72

Ever wondered why some times your page shows up or get indexed early in google or any search engine. If you visit or ask to forums. They say we need to add meta data or meta tag which talks about your page or blog. After struggling from last six months with HTML and java script here are simple steps to follow to add meta data for your blog. Use meta tag for doing this.

This will definitely going to increase your (google) search engine traffic as in advance you are going to tell to search engine about your page or blog ie what it contains. If you see the top bloggers websites you could see the meta tag with description and keywords defined. Today I have defined it. Here is the usage.

Tips and Notes Note: The meta tag always goes inside the head element. Note: Metadata is always passed as name/value pairs. In HTML the meta tag has no end tag. In XHTML the meta tag must be properly closed.

Examples Define keywords for search engines:

meta name keywords" content="HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, VBScript
Define a description of your web page

meta name "description" content="Free Web tutorials on HTML, CSS, XML, and XHTML"

Add ( < & /> in on the begining & end of the above link as blogger dont allow to save meta tags i have to use this way

Define the last revision of your page: meta name "revised" content="Hege Refsnes, 6/10/99"
Refresh page every 5 seconds: meta http-equiv"refresh" content="5"

Don't wait more add keywords and description for your blog now. Open go to edit html tab and insert meta data tag before head element; If your blog is indexed in google you have already added meta tag for google; add your keywords description right there. Check such notes at my scrapbook

Paid Surveys: Can You Make Money With Them?

Guest Post by Joe Land

Paid Surveys have a ton of hype and controversy surrounding them. In fact there are over four million results for the phrase "paid surveys” on Google. There are tons of sites out there that are scams and that will do nothing but take your hard earned money. On the other hand there are a select few that can make you money.

What to Look For

When you are looking for a paid survey site or any money making opportunity in general, you have to be aware of a couple of things.

1. Is it free – When a survey site is free to sign up with then there is a good chance that it’s legit. Why? Because they make money from the companies who want their products surveyed not you.
2. Proof of Payment – If you are able to find lots of checks and proof that the site actually pays then you should go ahead and sign up.
3. Dig Deeper – Read reviews from other blogs and websites to gain other peoples perspective on the site.

Why Surveys Are a Legit Opportunity

Survey sites are labeled to be scams by lots of people. Here is why they aren’t. It all starts with companies like Dell and Pepsi. They need opinions on their products from people who use them everyday. So they go to research companies and ask them to distribute the surveys to users (you). When you complete the survey Pepsi gets their needed opinions, the survey site gets paid by Pepsi, and you get paid a small amount too. That is how survey sites are able to make money and stay in business.

Author Bio:
So you want to make money with surveys but don’t know where to start. There are only a few sites out there that are worth your time and effort. For starters I recommend CashCrate. It’s a site that is great for beginners. Not to mention it has great help and support in case you have questions.

Step by Step Process to Make Money Online with a Blog

Guest post by Anil Gupta

Making money online is not too hard in today's economy even if you have passion and will power to work hard. Here is the step by step process one can follow to start making money with a blog:

1. Start a blog - you must have a blog at least if you are aiming at earning some decent amount of money on internet. Create a blog around a topic you are most knowledgeable about and that people are interested in reading. You can use Google Trends service to see what people are actually searching most on internet recently. Once you have decided the topic for your blog, start a free blog on if you are new to blogging.

2. Seo friendly URL and Titles - if you are creating a blog about a particular niche, think of including any of your niche term in your blog URL. But try to limit your URL length to minimum. Because it will be ready difficult for your readers to remember your blog address if it contain lots of characters. Once you have decided a seo friendly URL for your blog, next comes your blog Title. Don't forget to mention the keyword you want to target with this blog in your blog title.

3. Write articles - write some articles on your blog with an aim to target different keywords of your niche. You should first start with less competitive keywords and create articles around them. If possible, you should include videos and images in your articles to make your topic more understandable.

4. Submit your articles on social networks - Once Google cached down your latest articles, you should think of submitting some of your interesting articles on social network websites like Digg, Propeller, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit. With these networks, you should aim at sharing your favorite stories with your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Google Adsense widgets - once you see some traffic coming on your blog from search engines, look for ways to monetize it. And when it comes about monetization, Google Adsense is everyone choice. If you already have an Adsense account, add Adsense widgets in your blog template where you want to show Google Adsense ads. And in case you don't have an Adsense account, apply for one today with your best website or blog that you have.

Author Bio
Visit Anil Gupta's blog for additional ways to make money online and in case you want to drive more traffic to your blog check 26 ways to bring traffic to your website.

My Blog Is My Fortune!

In this world of economic recession who doesn’t want to make money? And making money while sitting home and writing topics which you like the most, is definitely an inviting offer. Why not avail it? In fact the best way to do so is by creating a blog of your own. There are countless web hosting websites which help you do that, some good ones which I can think about are or even . The rest depends on you and what you want to do.

Making money online is certainly not a trivial job. Ask those who make small fortunes online and they’ll tell you that how much they had to do, in order to achieve their goal. There are people who start blogs, are active at first, but ultimately their blogs die down. Why does it happen? Is it that they’re not good enough? No! Some people who start blogs are much more educated and talented than those who are already the “kings of blogging”. The reason is that these people are not consistent and eventually loose heart when they’re blogs stop getting traffic.

“I expect to maintain this contest until successful, or till I die, or am conquered, or my term expires………”---Abraham Lincoln

Hence, keeping in mind the above quote, everything dies or expires when it stops its struggle, just like water becomes stagnant when it stops running. Therefore, even your blog expires when you run short of ideas and stop posting on it due to any reason, it may even be laziness.

To create a successful blog, let me give you some tips:

• The main topic of your blog should be the one in which you’re most interested,
• Set up a goal at the start of your month,
• Use flagship blogs to attract traffic,
• Be short and concise in writing,
• What you write should be clear and easy to understand,
• Know your audience.

Apart from the above points one basic thing that you should keep in mind is that the niche that you choose for your blog should be the topic about which you’re most knowledgeable. It can be anything, from your hobbies to your work or simple writing. Use the above points to start a blog and use keywords in your blog in order to attract more traffic. if there comes a time when your blog receives less traffic or no traffic at all than do not loose heart, be determined and keep on writing, in the end you’ll surely achieve your goal.

Make your blog more informative. Add plug-ins to your blog to make it colorful and versatile. If you have multiple passions than you can always write about them. Rather than launching products, give your honest opinion about them and always “BE ORIGINAL”. Write about anything you can and want to write and keep on writing and there’ll be a day when your blog will be overflowing with money even more than you desired.

How To Choose Web Hosting For Making Money Online

Guest post by Jason VanTrees

When considering how to choose the best web hosting to use for making money online, there are some important things to consider. One should make sure that the web hosting of choice provides all the tools, resources, and value to use when creating money making web properties.

Benefits of Having Good Web Hosting

When marketers look for the best web hosting plan available to host their web properties, they should make sure it is fully equipped with the resources needed. Things to look for would include unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email addresses, add-on domains allowance, FTP Accounts, MySQL Databases and such. Along with so many unlimited options, there should also be access to well designed website templates to use on all your domain names hosted along with a Control Panel (Cpanel) loaded with useful features.

Web Hosting Coupon Codes and Guarantees

When it comes to valued and honorable web hosting, there are hosting companies available that go the extra mile by offering discount and promotional codes for new and even sometimes existing customers. One would also find that some web hosting companies will back there services up with full refund money back guarantees. By providing the customer with such value like these just goes to show how confident they are about their web hosting services.

If you are serious about creating web properties such as blogs, landing pages, forums, and websites towards making money online, using the best hosting company that will provide everything needed at a reasonable price to get started is very important. Choosing a good host provider to help ease the stress of setting up your web properties can allow you to concentrate more time on promoting and getting traffic to your web properties.

Author Bio
Jason VanTrees is an affiliate marketer who uses the Hostgator Baby web hosting package to host many of his profitable web properties. He recommends using Coupon Code 'hgc25' to get $9.94 off your new hosting purchase when signing up for Hostgator's Baby web hosting plan as a new customer.

Article Marketing: How To Make Money

Article marketing is the web marketers’ favorite tool. It helps to promote the website and it also helps you to make some money. Promotion of the web and the business is a fact that every one knows today but the money making part is still unknown to many. Even the people who remain constantly around this business do lack some basic knowledge of this ability of the articles. Here are a few things that you should know before you start the article writing for the money making purpose.

• You should only and only publish original content because this is the only to get some money from publishing the articles.

• Try to be as unique as possible. You should stand out of the crowd to make a real impact in the market.

• Try to find the niche that interests you and then concentrate on that particular niche. Trying various niches is not a good thing for the new comers.

• There are various niches that you can try your hands at. Try to be clever while selecting the proper niche for you. Try to start with a niche that is not a competitive one and focus on a rarely discussed niche. This will help you to gain loads of experience and you will learn better strategies.

Picking up the right niche is very important. You should research the niches and should select the right niche for your articles. There are various things that you should keep in mind before choosing the niche. The niche should be of interest to you and to the readers. Make sure that you do not choose that is being practiced all over the world as this will require extreme skill and you will need management skills of top class.

You can make money by writing articles. There are various methods to make money from the article and content writing. The best way to make money is to make a personal blog or website and then publish the articles that will direct the traffic to your website. This will help you to make money by Adsense and other similar programs that will pay you for the advertising that they will put on your website. You can also get individual advertisers and make good money.

You will also find the websites that will actually pay you for the number of visits to your articles on that websites. That means you will be paid for the visits that are made to your articles. Here are also websites that will pay part of the total earnings that they will get from the advertising using your content. Both these are smart ways and you can make residual income. But you should make sure to publish a large number of articles if you really want to make some reasonable income from these articles. The more articles you publish, the greater will be the number of visits.

What You Should Know About Domain Name Registration?

When you plan to set up your own website for the purpose of making money online, selection of a proper domain name is essential. Domain name is the name which describes your website. When your website comes up in the search engine results, the domain name provides some information about it to the searchers. It should not be irrelevant or misleading and should match with the content of your website. Domain name selection is the first step to get your website online. Therefore, proper care should be taken when selecting the same.

The domain name selected should be short, memorable and easy to spell. It should relate to your core business. If your domain name contains more than three words, use hyphens. There are different domain name extensions available, such as, .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Of all these, .com is the most popular domain name extension (.org for non-profit organizations).

Domain names are easy to register. They are also cheap ( as low as $1.99). There are hundreds of domain name registration companies online. Some of the popular ones are, Yahoo,, Go Daddy, NetworkSolutions etc. These companies are all ICANN accredited. You can register your domain name for as many years as you want or you may register it for one year and extend it at the end of the year.

Before registering your domain name, make sure that it has not been already registered by somebody else. Even if a domain name has been taken by someone, it may be purchased from the owner. You may want to buy a particular domain name (which has been already registered) due to it's high page rank. You may buy used domain names through certain forums and websites such as, Digital Point, Sitepoint, Namepros etc.

When registering your domain name, you are generally given an option to keep it private. This will keep your details like name, e mail ID etc. out of the international data base.

How to make money online with

Blogads is just for fellow bloggers and not for site owners. With Blogads, advertisers make decisions about on which blog they want to show their ads and the pricing for ads are decided by bloggers. So it’s up to a blogger to decide whether he/she wants to display ads for a particular advertiser or not.

With blogads, an average blogger is able to make around $50 every month by showing advertisers ads on their blogs. But there are some popular bloggers who are even able to make $1000 even more every month with their blog while working with

Blogads is totally different from other ad networks as they keep only 30 percent of total amount for which an ad is sold. Suppose, an advertiser bought an ad your blog for a month for $100, in this case, you will get $70 and the rest of $30 will go in Blogads account. If you look at revenue sharing model used by most advertising network, they keep the revenue share to 50:50.

Blogads is invitation only right now and to participate in the blogads, you have to be sponsored by a blogger in the network on In case you are unable to get a sponsor for you, we can mail them at signup at blogads dot com. Visit website for more information about making money online on your blog using various advertising options available with this blog advertising network.

Keep on reading blog for more ways to make money online from your blog. Apart from money making tips, soon I will be writing an article about optimizing a Wordpress blog from seo and user prospective. So keep on visiting my blog for many more ways to earn money and to get valuable tips for traffic building on your blog.

How to make money online while working on internet

Online business has gained stupendous reliability amongst people in today’s world.

Sometimes investing your time working online can help you make more money than any other job. Internet can be accessed anytime anywhere. And this feature makes it all the more attractive as you can pursue working online as a part-time job to add some extra income and some of the females can carry out this work apart from handling their household to support their husbands. Online assignments nowadays have become very popular because of the ease it provides you to make money on this platform. The cost and time required to start up a business online is almost nil as compared to the other offline businesses.

Above all, almost anyone can use it to get a regular pay as it does not require special qualifications. Just basic internet browsing knowledge can do wonders for you. It is not mandatory for you to work for long hours; you can devote time as per your convenience. Your regular work fetches you regular and decent income.

The most popular work available these days is entering the data (links) of various companies and submitting the same using PPC programs. Business owners set up affiliate programs for others to sign up for and promote for the business owners for an agreed commission. This will help the companies to make their products and services populous and they pay you a fee for every transaction. And you can make a fortune if you gain expertise in this work. Here the business owners do not have to worry about the costumer service that comes along with it. This is the quickest way to make money online. This work is available worldwide, so you do not need to shift your home to towns to find work. You can use internet from anywhere and can work for companies anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of companies like yahoo, eBay, dell etc. carry out many promotional programs and campaigns on internet and they usually outsource these to people like us. We are not supposed to handle their accounts or stocks but the work is much simpler. We take their links and place them on net and we get our share whenever anyone goes through that link. The links can be placed anywhere on the net, or it can be done through search engines which has loads of visitors to it in search of information. Here you only have to worry about the traffic that goes in search of information and the more the visitors click on the link provided by you the more money you make.

Another option available online is to resell rights. There have been products created online called resell rights which are accessible to anybody who is willing to pay for them to market them. The only limitation people face here is that you can not claim those products as your own but you get to keep all the profits from marketing them.

One more way out is private label resell rights. These products are those which are ready to be branded with your name to it. In other words, you get full rights to the products so that now you can claim them as your own even when you are not the original creator of it. This option is best for those who are beginners in the online business world. It saves your time and money that could have been used in creating them on your own.

You can also work for survey companies or market research companies. Their job is to conduct online surveys on behalf of the MNCs and gather information for them. MNCs pay them huge amounts of money on completion of the surveys. So, the survey companies are in constant search for people who can help them conduct the surveys. The surveys contain questionnaires and you have to put forward your true opinion to each question. You get money on completing the surveys. The money you make depends on the number of questions offered to you and also on the company you have been associated with.

Above listed are some of the options that can help you make money online. It is sometimes as easy as checking your mails. And because of the simplicity involved in the process has it gained so much of importance. Never could people in the older days have thought of making money while sitting at home. But now you can earn a lot of money by just a bit of net surfing from your home. If one becomes regular and familiar with this business all of his financial worries can fade away.

5 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

Guest post by Albert Fang

Affiliate marketing is probably the most common monetizing method that about every webmasters use to make money online. How to better emphasize on increasing those profits? Read on to learn more.

1.Picking Affiliates that Matches Your Theme: Picking affiliates that best matches your site’s theme may sound like the obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how many webmasters are displaying affiliate banners that aren’t somewhat even correlated to their site’s content. Although promoting another affiliate may pay more, in the long run your most likely losing money because your target audience is possibly on money making, and your displaying banners on weight loss products, that wouldn’t make sense no? Targeted banners are the way to go. Although payout may be a little bit lower, it can really add up to being massive once you have a large audience of readers who sign up. Stick with promoting affiliates that are somewhat related to your content. You’ll see the most success that way.
2.Experiment With Different Affiliates: When I say experiment with different affiliates, I mean try a variety of payment methods, such as…
◦CPM (Cost per Impression)
◦CPA (Cost per Action)
◦PPS (Pay per Sale)
◦PPC (Pay per Sale)
Every site is unique, and there is no definite answer as to which is the best method of payment. It all varies site to site, you just have to experiment with the different networks your self and emphasize on those that bring you the most success.

3.Try Different Styles & Tones: Try blending in ads or mixing banners together to overall have a better look to your web page. Better incorporating ads into your website is very important in terms of generating more clicks, curiosity, and focus to the ads to help generate more income. I cannot emphasize how important this process is.
4.Polish Up Your Articles: Your articles lacking power or enthusiasm on affiliates your promoting? If they seem dull to you, then they are probably to your readers as well. Polishing up your articles to better emphasize on what your promoting can be the difference between getting 5 leads per day to 15. I have had many clients who asked me before why they weren’t getting much leads, and the moment I read their first paragraph, I already knew why. This is probably the most important tip of them all, for content is key to making a successful income with affiliates.
5.Cleaning Out External Links: If you have too many links that simply link out to sites other than yours, then that can be a really bad thing. You are losing valuable customers who could be making you more money online. Try losing those long blogrolls and sum it up to 3-5 links max. Lowering your external links is important to keeping your visitors alert and alive when reading from your website.
This was a guest entry from Albert Fang, the owner of For more information on Albert fang, he and his blog emphasizes on the ways to make money online, tips on Internet marketing, ranking high in the search engines, and much more.

How to make money online with survey filling companies

Market research/survey companies conduct surveys on behalf of the MNCs. They carry out market research to gather information about the products and services. Surveys are conducted in order to get feed backs regarding how the products can be improved upon or the other aspects of the business. MNCs outsource the research work to the survey filling companies and pay them huge amounts on the completion of the surveys. So these companies are constantly looking out for people who can take up the surveys and help them collect the required information. Here fits in your role. You can make money online by just taking paid surveys i.e. filling out survey forms, participating in discussion groups, taking paid telephone surveys. All you have to do is give your true opinion.

Be sure that you are being true while filling out surveys because if you do not give your true opinion eventually your account will be suspended. Also, make an email account other than your personal account where in you want surveys to pour in. Some of the websites directly send surveys to your email address rather than holding up surveys in their websites. Once you join these surveys filling sites, they flood your account. And you gain hot opportunity to make decent money online.

One more prerequisite to make things simpler for you is to get auto form filler software installed in your computer. Sometimes many of the surveys contain similar questions; this software can save a lot of your time by putting in the same answers to all the same questions. You can also use it to fill in your profile information when you join multiple sites.

Surveys are generally in the form of questionnaires. Each questionnaire is with a set of questions and you have to answer those questions putting forward your true opinion. The amount of money you make depends on the number of questions offered to you and also on the company you have been associated with and also on the type of consumer surveys you participate in. The pay ranges from $5 to $75 or even more for survey forms, $120 per hour for telephonic surveys and $150 or more for group discussions.

Some of the websites where in you can take on the free paid online surveys are OpinionWorldBusiness, InBox Dollars, Survey Savvy, Viva research, Survey4profit, JoinSurveys, SendEarnings, Cashcrate etc. These websites have vast network of participating companies such as coca cola, Dell computers, Pepsi, Panasonic, Sony, eBay, and the list goes on. These websites keep updating their database with new companies from time to time.

The problem that people usually face is of locating the good survey companies. When you use search engines to locate them you get random results with thousands of companies in the list. You will have to spend great deal of your time to find truly good places in order to make money filling out forms. And because of the time consuming feature of this option it is recommended to rule it out. You should rather use Internet forums where people share their experiences. This can give you an idea of how and where people make money filling out surveys. It will certainly be a better option than trying out dozens of low end paid survey websites that you come across through search engines.

There is yet another problem that come across people and that is of scams and frauds. In case you truly want to make money filling survey forms never join a site that asks you for an access fee or commission. Generally, fraud sites ask you for money and people in hope of earning more do pay them and sometimes they also hand over their credit card details considering them to be legitimate sites. And this is the scam and this is how they make money online. People pay out money to them and do not get anything or get very less money on completing the surveys. In the end they are rendered dissatisfied and ask for refund and at last they quit. The vacuum created is filled by new entrants. It is, then, a profitable business for those who conduct surveys and for whom the surveys are done but not for those who take up the surveys. For one more reason you should not enroll yourself with money demanding survey sites. It is the companies that need your opinion as a customer of their products and services and it’s you who can help them to sustain in the market. So it is you who should be paid money and not them.

Although the survey companies can help you make enormous money online but you should be cautious of the scams involved in here and should always try to work with legitimate companies. A bit of your research regarding the companies can help your purpose.


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How to make money online with eBay

eBay is a big shopping website with wide range of products listed and gets millions of visitors per day. It is already helping hundreds of people in making money online. Many people work full time with it and many others work on it as part time business to add extra bucks to their income. And the work on it is simple, i.e., buying and selling products. Those who are beginner and are willing to make money online through eBay can get all the information on how it works on itself. With little tips and guidelines you can gain expertise in working with ebay to serve your interest of making money online.

As a starting step you need to register yourself with ebay. To register requires your verification through your credit cards, sms, phone numbers etc. All the registered users must have a paypal account. So as a prerequisite to start up with ebay you need to register yourself with

Familiarize yourself with eBay website and then take a look at the auctions and check what buyers and sellers have to say about different dealings. There is a search box at the top of the screen wherein you can type your favorite item about which you want more information. And from this search process you will see a complete list of what people have to offer. Take guesswork on what product will yield maximum profits. Guesswork is important so that you do not waste your precious time promoting useless products. Try and generate maximum bids with huge profit margins. Get top dollars for your auction all the time. Then make use of eBay’s automation tools to track down your results so that your business can be expanded. Identify what people have to sell and resell them on ebay to make fat profits. This is one of the easiest and quickest methods to generate money on ebay. For this you do not need a website or blog even and has to start up cost.

You can sell anything your own on eBay. Identify what you want to sell on ebay and then pen down a good description of your product that can attract buyers. Click a photo of your product from a good camera to be posted on eBay’s website. Also decide about the title of your product. Remember that the title you give to the product also becomes the keyword the buyer will search for. Along with other details give the payment options to the customers.

When you receive an order for your product send an invoice to the buyer and wait till you get the confirmation of payment. Once you get confirmation send your product as per the terms decided. Try and get positive feedback from the buyer because that can get you good ratings.

The next question that arise in our minds is what all can be offered on sale on ebay. You can sell almost anything on eBay. You can sell new products as well as old and used items. A glance at the list of items transacted on ebay reveals items like clothes, accessories, gadgets, shoes, bags, computers, entertainment products and so on.

Although not a requirement, but it is advisable to establish a work place for yourself where you can work and keep your stuff i.e. references and auction materials. If you do not keep your work organized the possibilities of losing or misplacing information rises. Here comes the list of things you need to start up your ebay business: A computer, printer and a scanner, a good camera, a place to keep your files, internet access, notebooks and pads to jot down information to keep track of items, addresses and finances.

Above all, you need to build positive attitude in you and lift up the spirit in you if you truly want to make money online selling products on ebay. In the initially period you may not be able to manage it and understand it but gradually you will be able to turn failures into successes.

Optimizing Wordpress blogs from Seo/User prospective

Wordpress is an amazing blogging platform that we can use to create our personal and professional blogs and websites. In this small guide, I will help you optimize a Wordpress blog from search engine as well as from user prospective:

1.Chose a web host: Wordpress is the best content management system available for blogs and websites. Instead of creating a sub-domain on Wordpress, I would suggest you to start with a brand new domain name and professional web hosting. When you chose a web host, you should go for one that supports Wordpress blogs.
2.W3C Compliant blog: From seo prospective, I would suggest you to choose a W3C Compliant theme. This is not mandatory but I would suggest keeping your Wordpress blog W3C Compliant. To make your blog W3C Compliant, you should validate your HTML code at least. And if you are not good in coding part, select “Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” from Setting –> Writing option which will automatically lower the number of errors in your code.
3.Permalink Structure: Optimizing your permalink is the next step that you have to follow. By default, Wordpress gives URL’s like:

No doubt, search engines will index this URL but they are not good from user and seo point of view. You can decide by yourself which is the better URL by looking at the following examples:

By looking at the following URL, you cannot really judge the kind of content that will be processed to you. Btu the second URL tells the whole story by itself. Also second URL is easy to remember. So to chose user and seo friendly URL, go to
Options –> Permalinks

4.Basic seo activities: your page title is the most important when it comes to on-page optimization. Give your page a meaningful title and try to limit your title length to 67 characters only including spaces because Google will only count first 67 characters in your title tag. Avoid putting too many keywords in your title. It’s your page title that people will see first in search engine listing and depending upon your title text they decide whether to click on it or not.Apart from title, it’s description which is shown as part of your listing in search engines. And you should limit the length of description to 156 characters only. Here is an example of our listing in Google search engine:
Make Money Online Make money fast Make money Online at home
Make money online at home using legitimate ways with a money Guru. Learn how to make money online with pay per click, survey filling, affiliate selling, …

So we should write search engine and user friendly titles and descriptions so that people actually clicks on our listings in the search engines.

5.Don’t copy content: I would suggest you not to copy content from other websites to avoid any kind of penalty from Google that applies to duplicate content websites. No doubt, Google will still index your content even if copied, but will place it in its supplemental results.
Apart from copying content from other websites, there are some more issues we need to fix when we work with Wordpress blogs. Each Wordpress blog offers RSS for posts, comments, monthly achieve, category achieves and tag pages achieve etc. where same content is used over and over. We are facing the problem of multiple URL’s having the same content. One of solution to this problem can be using no index for feeds, category pages, monthly achieve and tag pages. For this process, we can even exclude the directories using robots.txt from our website we don’t want search engines to index.

6.Google Sitemaps: there are many plugins available on internet that will create an XML sitemap for your Wordpress blog. I use Google XML Sitemap generator plugin from Arnebrachhold to create XML sitemap for my Wordpress blogs for free. Once you have generated your XML sitemap, you can submit it to Google using Google webmaster tool.
7.Image optimization: to optimize your image, you should include related keywords or tags in the image name and use dashes for spacing between words in your image name. Suppose we have to include an image for Google Adsense logo in our content, here are some ways people might name that image as:

So this is the best naming convention from user and search engine prospective? According to me, it will be the last one i.e. Google-Adsense.jpg

Search engines don’t understand what we write in an image. But they make decision about our image by looking at the content around our image. So it’s a good practice to write a description about the image around it. We use ALT/Title tags with images to describe what our image is all about.

We can think of using related keywords in description to an image, but we should write correct description about an image and reasons for using this image if required. One more reason for using ALT tags with images is, there are some people who will be accessing your website by disabling their images. So when we use Title/ALT attributes with our images, they are able to able to know what our image is all about. Please see the following example of image attributes:


8.Pinging Service: Wordpress provides a pinging service where it notifies pinging servers every time you update your blog if they are already defined. If you haven’t defined your pinging service list do it by going to Dashboard –> Options –> Writing
You can get a big list of pinging servers here that you can define in your ‘Update Services’ box.

9.More traffic tips: Check my 26 ways to bring traffic to a website for additional ways to promote your Wordpress or any blog/website that you may have.

Legitimate ways to make money online with GetAFreelancer website

There are many freelance websites available on internet where you can get some projects and make money online while working at home. Some of popular freelance websites are,,, and In today’s post I will focus about how to make money online with GetAFreelancer website only.

GetAFreelancer is one of the best freelance website for programmers, web designers, Seo’s, bloggers, content writers, Administrators, data entry operators etc where you can offer your services to the buyers by placing bids on open projects or jobs in your category. We need to spend some time on any freelance website including GetAFreelancer to get some work.

How to Join GetAFreelancer

There is no fee charged for joining GetAFreelancer website. Click on this link to join GetAFreelancer website if you are looking for some work while sitting at home. Please add all information about you and your professional experience in your profile page because most of buyers will be interested in checking your profile before assigning any project to you.

Once you have created an account on GetAFreelancer (GAF) website, go to GAF home page are browse “The 50 Newest Projects”. Now go though the description against the projects you are interested in and is capable of fulfilling all the tasks mentioned in the description section. Now click on the ‘Place a Bid’ link and make the minimum bid against a project you are interested in. You should make minimum bid from your side because you are new and there are many more people interested in that project with higher ratings. You can even search for jobs of you’re your profile in categories matching your expertise.

Ratings/Feedbacks System

Most of freelance websites including GetAFreelancer have ratings and feedback system where members are assigned some ratings for each completed project or job. The more projects a person completed, the more ratings or feedback that person will get. The more ratings you get with freelance websites, the more money you actually will be able to make with them.

Communicating with Buyers

Communicating with buyers is the most important part for winning a project on GetAFreelancer website. You should send a private message to the buyer (explaining about your expertise and lowest amount of money you will be charging etc) as soon as you place your bid on a project. You will have very rare chance of winning a project without communicating with a buyer.

Once you have placed bid and communicated with some of project buyers, wait for their response. You will have great chance of winning a project as soon as you receive any reply from any of buyer that you placed bid for. Once you receive a positive response from any of buyer, work according to his/her requirements.

With GetAFreelancer website, we can place bids on 15 projects per month only as a free member. And as a gold member you can place bid on 160+ projects every month. So you should switch to gold membership as soon as you earn your first $12.

Benefits of gold membership

You will not be paying any fee on winning a project in case of gold membership. But you have to pay 10% of total project value after completion to GAF if you don’t have a gold membership. Suppose you finished a project of $200 as a gold member, all of $200 will go in your pocket. But if you had finished this project as non-gold you will be getting $180 in your packet and the rest of $20 will go into GetAFreelancer website account (10% of total project). Cost of gold membership is $12 per month only.

Payment System

The mode of payment that you can use to receive money via GetAFreelancer website is Paypal and MoneyBookers. I would suggest you to use Paypal if your country is available in Paypal supporting list otherwise use MoneyBookers service to receive your earned money via GAF.

Note – Never send your contact details like your email id, phone numbers etc in your personal emails to buyers. GetAFreelancer website will suspend your account the moment they sense you sent your personal contact details to the buyers on GAF. Avoid using ‘Message Board’ to communicate with the buyers and use ‘PM’ to communicate with them.

More Updates on Google Adword's Changes

Futher to my previous post about Adword's changes, I have now received a report created by with comprehensive information about Google Adword's latest chances. This report tells you what kinds of sites were affected by the chances and what you should do if you are making money online using Adword. You will learn how to get you minimum bid back to reasonalbe level for a site that has been affected. Get a copy of this report here. The report also provides explanation on Google's new landing pages algorithm and much more.........

Five Easy Steps In Posting eBay Auctions The First Time

If this is the first time that you will be setting up your auction on eBay to sell your item and start making money online, you may find the whole process easier to comprehend in just five easy steps.

First Step: Create a seller's account on eBay
Let's say that you were able to make old transactions on eBay before, this means that you already have an active account. So all you have to do is to log in to that account and then click on the 'Sell' link located at the top most part of your eBay page on the toolbar, and then click on 'Create a seller's account.' If you haven't had any transactions before, you may click on the 'register' link which is located below the toolbar, click 'Sell' and then click on 'Create a seller's account.' Then after, all you need to do is to follow instructions accordingly.

Second Step: You should determine what item you want to sell
You may look into selling books or CD's for the first time, or maybe other stuff. You can always find something interesting to sell and make profit from it.

Third Step: Submit the item that you want to sell
Have your item listed by clicking on the 'Sell' link. You may start with choosing a category that would best describe the item, or have eBay choose the best category for you. Create a very good title and description for your item, and don't forget to add in keywords which you think people would be typing in on the search box and land into your item.

From here, you can set your own starting price, such as $0.01, which would help in drawing people's attention to your bid. Then you can set up a duration which has a range from three days upwards. The duration will be based on your preference; you may choose whichever is comfortable for you. Take note that this is also the part where you can upload the picture that you have taken, so the customers can get a glimpse of the item you are selling. After this, you are ready to select the payment method that would be best for you.

Fourth Step: be patient enough to wait for your item to sell
Remember that eBay will not leave you behind in getting your item sold. They provide tons of hints and tips to make your item more appealing to the buyer. Even if your item does not sell straight away, you may still end up receiving a lot of questions from potential bidders. If you want to seal a deal, be sure to respond to the questions accordingly.

It is not necessary that once you post an item, that it has to sell immediately. If you are not successful in selling the item, then you can post it again without having to pay a fee.

Fifth Step: Get payment from the winning bid and have it posted
Your buyer will be informed via his or her email, regarding the process on how to pay you for the item. Before you send the item to the customer, make sure that you get the payment first.

After receiving the payment, you can then continue to ship the item to the buyer. Be sure to double check the shipping details available from the confirmation email that you received from eBay, and then you're done.

Making Money Online Using Social Media

Guest Post by Jeff W.

If you have a great product and have put up a website in the hopes of being able to make money online, there are some important and useful tools out there that you need to get on board with. Social media is everywhere. Practically everyone that has access to the internet is participating in some form of social media, even grandmas! With everyone using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more, there is more opportunity than ever to reach potential clients than ever before. These services are at the forefront of online money making today, and represent a whole new way of marketing that is more direct and personalized, not to mention immediate than ever before.

Online merchants like yourself have long puzzled over how to get the word out about their products and their site. They know that the only way to make money online is to get people to visit their site. This competition to get traffic has become fearsome and huge amounts of money are being dumped into things like SEO, ad words campaigns and more. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your business, without having to shell out money. Any business that hopes to succeed in online money making but does not have a Facebook page and a Twitter account is not using all of the tools that they have at their fingertips, and is likely to lose customers to more internet savvy competitors.

Facebook and MySpace are a great place to introduce people to what you have to offer. Setting up a profile in these two communities couldn't be easier. Once you have established your business's identity, it is time to go to work building a network. If your target market is the younger crowd, then MySpace is the way to go to increase your online money making potential. If you are looking to market to adults, then Facebook is a better bet. Both offer groups that you can join or even the ability for you to start a group. Finding the right groups can help you connect with potential customers that are either in your area or who are already looking for and talking about a business or product like yours. Finding groups like these helps make it even easier to make money online, because you are able to market to exactly the people that you are looking for.

Twitter, the micro-blogging uber-giant, is another great way to reach people that might be into whatever you are selling. With Twitter, you can make money online by turning the searching game around. Instead of trying to find ways to help people that might be interested in your products to find you, you can find people that might be interested for yourself. Twitter allows you to search for people that have "tweeted" about topics that are relevant to whatever you are selling. Once you find those people, you can follow them and reply to their tweets, inviting them to your website. This sort of direct, personalized marketing has never been available before and is a key to future online money making.

Helium Introduction

Helium is a knowledge base where we can submit our quality article and make money depending upon the pageviews generated by our article. Apart from this amount, we will be able to make some more money from Helium revenue sharing where they share some of revenue generated from website among contributing writers. We will be able to make more money with Helium as we submit more quality articles to them for publishing. Helium has also a marketplace where buyers submit their requirements about articles they want writers to write for them. For each article, there will be multiple writers or publishers writing their articles and buyer will chose the best article among all submitted articles. And the writer whose article is chosen as the best article will be able to win some good amount in the range of $40 or so for that quality article.

You can make huge amount of money while working with Helium if you are a brilliant content writer. They pay writers on the basis of pageviews generated by their articles. However it is not fixed, generally you will be able to earn $1 to $1.5 per thousand pageviews. So the more pageviews your article generates, more money will be credited in your account.

You can make more money with Helium by participating in contests. They have 4-5 contests running all the time and they pay good amount in the range of $100 or $150 or even more to the winners. So don’t forget to check their contests section to see how they work and how you can win them.

Content requirements
Helium has wide range of categories where you can submit articles of your expertise like computers, mobiles, health, food, recipes, business, education, jobs, sports, travel etc. They have 400 words as the minimum requirement for each article that you submit to them.

Payment system
They send all payments via paypal which is very fast and secure way to send and receive money online. And their minimum payout is $25. So you have to earn $25 before expecting any money into your paypal account from Helium. So once you receive $25 go to ‘Request Payment’ option available in your Helium account and request for the earned money before the end of the month. And by the 10th of following month, your earned money for the previous month will be transferred into your paypal account.

Referral System
You will be able to make 5 percent of what your referred members make. Suppose a serious writer referred by you is able to make $100 every month with Helium, in this case you will be getting $5 as your referral fee for sending that valuable member to Helium.

An Easy Way to Make Your First $100 from the Internet - No Scam

While many people think the only way to make money online is to build your own website or blog and start from there, Piggy Bankin is one website in particular that bucks that trend.

Piggy Bankin is based off the concept of IFW's, or Incentivized Freebie Websites. IFW's are sites that provide special rewards, usually money, in exchange for you completing Free Trial Offers. In short, Piggy Bankin refers you to IFW's where you spend a small amount of money (for shipping normally) on Free Trial Offers. Once you complete the necessary requirements on the site you are considered Piggy Bankin's completed referral.

The IFW's will then pay Piggy Bankin for you being their referral, and Piggy Bankin will then pay you a large percentage of that profit directly in to your PayPal account. They have a starter package with 3 IFW's that can make you $100.

Just go to, fill out your name and email address; and you will receive full instructions on making your first $100.

There is no marketing knowledge or experience needed whatsoever. All you do is sign up for offers at the IFW’s and get paid!

The best part about Piggy Bankin is what happens AFTER you make your first $100. Once you complete the 3 websites in their initial email (which is sent when you sign up at Piggy Bankin for free) they will send you a HUGE list of IFW links that can profit you over $1000 along with various other perks. Piggy Bankin will offer advice on how to set up your own blogs and obtain your own referrals. The thing about IFW's is you need to first complete the requirements on the site before you receive a referral link. So once you finish several sites on Piggy Bankin, you will receive your own referral links that you can make BIG cash off of.

Unfortunately Piggy Bankin is only for United States, Canada, and the UK at the moment.

Does Piggy Bankin really work?
As with all money making ventures online people are often hesitant due to being scammed frequently in the past. I can assure you that you will never run into this problem with Piggy Bankin. People are already using their system and getting PAID. You can have a look at the proof of payment posted at Piggy Bankin.

If you need some extra fast money, Piggy Bankin is a program that you should heavily consider. Piggy Bankin will show you the fast and easy way to earn your first $100 online. And once you earned the $100, I’m sure you'll be interested to earn more. Thankfully, upon completion of the first 3 IFW’s you will receive over 15 more! Also, if you subscribe at Piggy Bankin you will receive frequent emails on even MORE ways to make money online.

Well folks the choice is yours, start making money online now with

ways to bring traffic to your website

Like any other website/blog owner, we all need some kind of promotion to bring more traffic to it. Once we have we have completed the creation of a website or blog, our next task is bringing high number of visitors to it.

Every site owner has his own way of promoting and bringing valuable visitors to it. There can be hundreds of ways that can be implemented to promote a website. But surely there are some ways that every site owner can follow to drive more traffic to their websites.

1.Using MY Yahoo service - submit your website rss feed on My yahoo as that will help your website to get indexed quickly on Yahoo.
2.Submitting to Google Reader - when you submit your site rss to Google reader, it will be fastly crawled by Google blog search
3.Using the pinging services - Use the pinging services like ping-o-matic every time you add new content on your website for getting more visibility and links for your website
4.Submitting to search engines - Don’t forget to submit your website to big search engines like Google, yahoo, msn, AltaVista, etc
5.Submission to web directories - Submit it to top web directories like, Yahoo Directory,, Best of the web..
6.RSS submission - Add your website/blog to as many rss submission directories and search engines you can. Here is a big list of blog directory & rss submission websites.
7.Value added comments on websites/blogs - Commenting on other websites and blogs of your niche is also a great idea to get some valuable links as well as traffic to your web page. If you leave a value added comment there, many people will click on our website to know more about you and your website. But don’t spam other people website/blog and don’t get lazy in writing comments on related sites. When you regularly visit and comment on a website, that will be noticed by its readers. So commenting on other people page can give many valuable readers as well as link to your website
8.Using in E-mail signature - link back to your website in your e-mail signature section. When you use it regularly for all of your out-going mails, you will see that you start getting some traffic through your signature that is clicked by people whom you send your e-mail
9.Using Google group - One can use Google group, yahoo group, msn group and many more group for building more traffic for their website. when you think of getting visitors from such groups, go for your niche specific groups and if possible create your won group there and continuously work on that to bring more people to your site.
10.Using forums - As I have discussed earlier, forums as well can be used to drive more links and visitors to your site.
11.Article submission - One can use article websites like ezinearticles, americanchronicle, findarticles, goarticles, articlecity etc kind of top article submission websites to get quality links and visitors for their sites
12.Buy traffic and Links - buy text and banner links for your website from the blogs/websites in your niche
13.Link exchange - Link exchange is still effective. There are many website owners who still use link trading as their main source of getting quality links for their website. And when your website has good back links for their targeted anchor text, your site will surely drive high amount of traffic from search engines.
14.Participate in webrings - Get involved in banner exchange and webring kind of programs.
15.PPC programs - Use pay per click kind of advertising to get more results for your site. When you use such kind of programs, your site will be listing in the sponsored section in search results on a search engine. All major search engines including Google, yahoo, MSN have their advertising programs.
16.Paid & free reviews - Ask people to write review about your website, product, services or your targeted keywords with your main keywords there. Offer them some kind of offer or payment per review that is being or will be made for you.
17.Social media marketing - Create strong profile on social media sites like Digg, propeller, Reddit, Newsvine and submit your favorite stories there
18.StumbleUpon - Install StumbleUpon toolbar in your system and create your account there. Make friends, write reviews, ask people for review and submit your interesting stories there
19.Squidoo and Hubpages - Go to these websites and create your lens and hubs there. It will not take more than 15 minutes to setup a hub on and a lens on
20.Wikipedia kind of open sources - If you have a popular website, why not create a page for your website on With this one can add their website pages link in the existing wiki pages. But add only relevant links on wikipages otherwise your link will be removed from there. And if you tried to over spam it, your site get banned and then you will not be able to add any link from that domain on There are some more wiki about how to manual including,
21.Mybloglog kind communities - Create your account on mybloglog, blog catalog, bumpzee some of cool blogging communities. These communities will help you het in touch with other people/blogger of your niche. You can use these kinds of communities to drive traffic and valuable link for your website. Create communities, make friends, add people as contacts, join others communities, messaging and add their widget to your website/blog
22.Using press release - Press releases are great tools for traffic building and brand building for a website. This will bring lots of traffic and valuable links to a website. So write a press release for your website and submit it to &
23.Traffic Exchange programs - There are many traffic exchange programs available on the internet one can use to add more traffic to their existing visitors count. When you search on Google for ‘traffic exchange’, you will be able to get lots of traffic exchange sites there.
24.Free and paid classifieds - One can drive more traffic and links for their website using free and paid classifieds. Search for free classifieds, you will get lots of classified sites there.
25.Technorati Service - Register your blog on Technorati and use its tagging service to drive more visitors to your website. Use Technorati pinging service and work towards increasing your Technorati rank and Authority.
26.Yahoo Answer kind of services - One can use Yahoo Answer, Answerbag, and kind of question answering websites to bring more people to your web page.

These are some of ways to bring more people to your website. There will be many more ways for traffic building on a website. Do you have a tips that you want to share with us?

How to Make Sure Your Product Launch Will Become a Success Online

If you're looking to start an online business that revolves around a specific product, you need to know that you need to generate awareness and excitement among your target market to become successful. This is not just about letting your potential customers know that your products exist. It is making an impact that is big enough for them to take interest. The best way to go about this is to create huge publicity before your actual product launch. Listed below are steps you can follow to make sure you start selling your products as soon as they are available.

1) Develop Partnerships

Create a network with other entrepreneurs in your niche. Your partners can help you advertise your product as well as give you tips on how to approach your target market. You can offer them commission on sales so that you don't need to shell out some money even before you earn anything.

2) Build Excitement Before the Launch

Be sure you make good use of all sorts of media to publish teasers and create buzz. You can publish videos, post in blogs, and attract attention in forums. Apart from getting your partners to help you promote your product, ask your friends and relatives to help you market it through word of mouth. You can also place a countdown timer on your site to encourage even more excitement for the day of your product launch.

3) Have a Proper Email Marketing Campaign

Allow people to sign up for updates on your website. This will give you an indication of how popular your offering has become even before it has launched. Keep in mind that each individual that subscribes to your list is already a potential customer. Provide them with free and useful information and continue to build up excitement through your emails. On the exact day of your product launch, you can send out another email to let them know that your product is already out for the taking. Try tracking which subscribers actually make a purchase as soon as you launch. After about a week or two, follow up on those who haven't made a purchase.

You can also use your email marketing campaign to encourage your partners before and after your product launch. Since they have something to gain from the success of your online business, they wouldn't mind getting follow ups from you. Just be sure that you treat them as partners and not employees.

It is impossible to have a successful product launch on your own especially if you are just a beginner and you still have no reputation to boast within your industry. If you don't approach product launches correctly, you can easily end up with no sales or even no traffic to your website for weeks or even months after your products have been made available. You should welcome all the help you can get and follow time-tested tips to ensure success as soon as you launch.

Step by Step Process to Make Money Online with a Blog

Making money online is not too hard in today's economy even if you have passion and will power to work hard. Here is the step by step process one can follow to start making money with a blog:

1. Start a blog - you must have a blog at least if you are aiming at earning some decent amount of money on internet. Create a blog around a topic you are most knowledgeable about and that people are interested in reading. You can use Google Trends service to see what people are actually searching most on internet recently. Once you have decided the topic for your blog, start a free blog on if you are new to blogging.

2. Seo friendly URL and Titles - if you are creating a blog about a particular niche, think of including any of your niche term in your blog URL. But try to limit your URL length to minimum. Because it will be ready difficult for your readers to remember your blog address if it contain lots of characters. Once you have decided a seo friendly URL for your blog, next comes your blog Title. Don't forget to mention the keyword you want to target with this blog in your blog title.

3. Write articles - write some articles on your blog with an aim to target different keywords of your niche. You should first start with less competitive keywords and create articles around them. If possible, you should include videos and images in your articles to make your topic more understandable.

4. Submit your articles on social networks - Once Google cached down your latest articles, you should think of submitting some of your interesting articles on social network websites like Digg, Propeller, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit. With these networks, you should aim at sharing your favorite stories with your followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook.

5. Google Adsense widgets - once you see some traffic coming on your blog from search engines, look for ways to monetize it. And when it comes about monetization, Google Adsense is everyone choice. If you already have an Adsense account, add Adsense widgets in your blog template where you want to show Google Adsense ads. And in case you don't have an Adsense account, apply for one today with your best website or blog that you have.

Author Bio
Visit Anil Gupta's blog for additional ways to make money online and in case you want to drive more traffic to your blog check 26 ways to bring traffic to your website.


So you think that there is too much confusion about making money online? This guide is created to make things clear for you

Anyone can make money online. There are a myriad of ways you can do so. Let's discuss them.

The only thing required is selecting the best program and a little bit of consistent work on learning how exactly things work. It's simple but not easy!

You don't necessarily need a computer educational background, to make money online. There are myriad of alternative ways that can help you make some bucks on the internet.

Freelance Projects Online
This is the most popular way you can make money online. Thousands of projects are posted on freelance websites.

Think of these free lance websites as "Ebay" for online jobs. These sites are meeting point for workers and service buyers.

Its done on a project to project basis, it's all legitimate. With no doubt this is the most popular way to make money online.
Complete Guide Tips on how to start freelance business

Have a Blog
Blogs are getting more and more popular as a way to make money on the internet. The best part of the blog is you can't start with very little or no investment at all. The only qualities you need is a little bit of time, lots of knowledge and good writing skills
Read: How everyone is making money online blogging

Website business
This would require a little bit of money and business skills. Internet business is easier to start with as compared to real world. The competition is tough so is the opportunity and the number of buyers. Complete guide on website business

Buying or selling domain names
Domain names are the real estate of internet world. You can register a domain name with any hosting provider for $10 and depending on demand and quality, it may be sold off for anything ranging from $100 to $10,00,000 (How to make money with domain names)

Make money selling photographs
Do you know there is a big demand for every type of photos on the internet. But please note that not all types of photos will sell. You may need to be a little professional to be able to earn a consistent income. Click here to know more

Create music and sell it online
Everyday web designers and other media companies look for small pieces of music loops online. If you know how to create music at home, you may well off to a start. (Complete Guide)

Design T-shirts
If you know Photoshop or any design software using which you can create awesome designs you may plan to sell them getting paid for it. (Learn how)

Selling your videos online (Guide)
Get Paid for Video Content created by you !The best place to start this is metacafe where some top earners more than 500$ weekly ! you get paid 5$ for every 1000 views on your video and with daily more than 300,000 visitors on the site, earning potential is very good.

Write an ebook
If you are an expert at any subject you may write an e-book. The main benefit over publishing a paper book is there is less cost involved. Moreover e-books can be easily marketable online with little or no cost.

Read: marketing of your ebook online
Read: creating a website from scratch

Teach Online (Guide)
Internet is a place to learn, there are many tuition jobs available on the internet. You can make money if you

Google for money
If you know internet, you would need no introduction to Google. The largest search engine has a few programs through which you can make money. (Complete Guide)

Making money with Ebay
Ebay is the largest and most popular C2C e-commerce site in the world. Thousands of people come there to buy and sell stuff. There is a huge opportunity available to make money there. (Read: Start making money on ebay from Day 1)

Making money with Clickbank
What is to books, Clickbank is for e-books. You can easily make money selling your own ebook or digital product. You may make money through Clickbank without even having a website (Read: Getting rich with ClickBank)

Sell Instructional Videos (Screeancasting for money)
You can create online videos to

Make money with Affiliate programs (Guide)
There are many companies of the real world who have set out to market their services online. From big banks of America to Credit card companies of USA.
Learn how you can make money through Affiliate programs

How to increase traffic to your blog in 3 steps?

How to increase traffic to your blog in 3 steps?

1st.- Post links to your blog in related forums, on your, or page or in your another blog. The links that I have posted in related forums have received the most hits because people are curious on the blog that you are promote.

2nd.- Make sure to use sites like pingomatic: to ping articles. Pinging informs search engines that your blog has been updated and therefore allows you to appear in searches. Similarly, submit your RSS feed address (click on the orange RSS button) to search engines. Search online for free search engine submission sites - usually these submit your RSS feed to smaller less popular search engines. However, the more places your blog shows up in search the greater the chance it will be viewed by more people.

3rd.- Make sure to read other peoples blog, post comments, and leave your link signature. This will increase the potential that your blog will be viewed by others.

The last but not least is writing a high quality of blog post. Do not just post anything and everything. Make sure to take some time with each post you are writing and only write about topics that you feel people are interested to read

Therefore, be patient, work hard, and follow all the other advice in this article as it will assist you in increasing traffic to your blog.

Keep on trying…

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Content Source: How to increase traffic to your blog in 3 steps? -

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How to Get More Referral Income-an extra online income source opportunity

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Referral Community

Be on Your Way to Finding Your Riches Online - Why Affiliate Marketing is the Way to Go

Ask any entrepreneur about which online business it is that a newbie should get started with and the typical answer is affiliate marketing. Basically, it is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a website owner who is the affiliate, and the online merchant who sells products online. What happens is that the online merchant will post advertisements on the affiliate's website who in turn gets a commission.

A Wide Array of Options & Advantage s from Affiliate Marketers

Before delving deeper into the many reasons why you should get into affiliate marketing, let us first check on the three ways by which a website owner can earn commissions through this type of business. First, there's the pay-per-click method. Here, every potential customer which leaves the website of an affiliate to visit the online merchant's link is counted as an earning towards the affiliate program.

Second, there's the pay-per-lead method where the earnings of the affiliate counts as the number of leads - or the number of online users who will register at the website of the merchant. Third, there's the pay-per-sale method which allows an affiliate to earn a commission every time a sale is made.

So what are the advantages of affiliate marketing if this is a type of online business that you would like to get involved in? Even if you are only getting paid in pennies for every lead of every click that the merchant is getting through your website, this would still quickly add up over time - especially if you make it a point to optimize your website.

Another main advantage is that there is no need for you to even come up with a unique product. All you have to do is choose one which you think will have a niche market from the type of website that you have and you will already start earning money.

Now that you already have an idea about the options and advantages of affiliate marketing, how exactly can you get started? Visit sites like and click on the "Become and Affiliate" link. Then, you will be lead to their Marketplace section where you can take your pick from a comprehensive line of products that you can sell through their affiliate programs.

With all these advantages and the myriad of options that you have, it's no wonder why this business is being dubbed as one of the best ways to find your riches online.

Succeed in Your Handcrafted Jewelry Home-Based Business

We know how to achieve success in the handcrafted jewelry business and believe that you can achieve your goals as well. Success in a home based business is a dream that many people share, but it’s not all fun and games.

Do you want to do what you want, when you want? Then, you need a big inheritance from a rich relative! No rich relatives? You are going to have to work but on the lighter side, the handmade jewelry business is actually enjoyable with very little start up costs.

Making a business a success takes a lot of hard work and determination above all else. You will be doing all that you can, as much as you can. Success is everything you ever wanted, but it can be frustrating. You must be determined and push yourself above and beyond all your competitors.

The handmade jewelry business is very competitive but also very rewarding. To succeed you must be more creative to make the most unique handcrafted jewelry than your competition. You must offer better customer service than the others. Having a good relationship with customers will help your business succeed. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful advertisements for your business.

Working from home has many benefits especially if you have small children. You can be with them and build your business gradually. You will not have the extra expenses that are involved in a renting a separate work location. Best of all you will be working in the comfort of your own home when it is more convenient for you.

Home based businesses are the easiest and often the most profitable. Handmade jewelry can be ones of the most creative crafts. With a little imagination and some hard but enjoyable work you will be able to succeed in the handmade jewelry business.

How to Make Money Online on Autopilot - One of the Most Effective Ways to Do It

Searching the Internet up and down looking for a way to make money online on autopilot is something that many people are doing today. Many see it as an impossibility, but the method that I will give you in this article has proven to be effective over and over again.

First of all I want to tell you that even though this method can run on autopilot and be hands off, you will need to keep at it if you want to make a decent amount of money. No matter what anybody tells you, if you want to make honest money in this world you are going to have to work for it.

So, let me tell you about the method. What it is is writing articles promoting products for someone else. All you do is write an informative article on the topic of the product and stick your affiliate link to the product at the end of the article. If your reader likes the article and clicks through your link and buys the product you get paid, it's as simple as that.

The way this works on autopilot is by submitting this article to about 10 good article directories and thereby getting your article to show up on the first page of Google results. If you article is properly optimized for Google then it will stay there for a long time and get many clicks, and hopefully many sales.

The beauty of it is that once the article is out there it will do the work for you pretty much on it's own (on autopilot!) All you need to do is write as many good articles as you possibly can and I can pretty much guarantee that you will start seeing some sales.

Getting Started

This tutorial will teach you how to write your own web pages by using HTML. You do not need any special what-you-see-is-what-you-get HTML editor to use this guide, any old text editor will do just fine.

By learning HTML, you will have much more control over how your web pages look, and you'll more easily discover ways to make your web pages look even better. HTML is platform independent, meaning it can be written and viewed on any type of computer (Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux, whatever!)

Because HTML is platform independent, you'll need to save your HTML files in standard text format, sometimes known as ASCII. The easiest way to do this is use a program like notepad.exe in Windows, pico in Linux, and the like.

If you'd prefer to use a word processor like Word or WordPerfect to write your HTML code, you can do so, but you need to save your files as "Text" or "Text Only." You'll see this option in a drop down box in your "Save As..." screen.

If you use a word processor and forget to save it as Text format, you'll see only garbled data when you try to view your page with a web browser.

Getting on the Web (Finding a Host)
You'll need to find a web host for your site unless you run your own web server 24/7. (Running your own server is very expensive, complicated, and not recommended).

By choosing a web host, your site will be available to the world all day every day. Most hosts are only down for a few minutes each month, if at all.

If you're making a personal web site, you can choose to get a web site from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), free space at a free host or go straight to the big leagues with a domain host. (My personal site is on a domain host: )

There are several disadvantages of free hosts:

Free hosts show banner ads or pop-up windows (or both) to pay for your service (so it's not really free).
There is no way to turn off the ads on a free service.
Free hosts limit the amount of web space you get, usually to about 20 MB.
Free hosts also limit the number of visitors you can receive in a month.
If you exceed their "limit" your site will be "turned off" until the next month.
Domain hosts on the other hand:
Often give you thousands of GB of web space for your HTML files, graphics, and multimedia.
Do not shut off your account based on number visitors.
Plenty of e-mail addresses customized for your domain with generous storage.
High-speed lines to ensure your site loads faster, and dedicated support for any help you need.
Place no ads on your site. (You can add them yourself if you want to make money).
Learn about Globat Hosting -- my top recommended hosting package for new designers.

So if you're making a personal web site you want to look professional, or you're making a business web site or a web site for an organization (church, etc) you'll want to get a domain host. A domain name ends in a .com, .org, or .net. (For example, is a domain name.) Prices for domain hosts usually range from $5 a month to $10 a month. Let me say it again, domain hosts do not show ads, unless you put them up yourself to earn money. The next chapter contains information on domain hosts.

Once you sign up for a host, you'll get a username and password to log in and edit your site. On free hosts, your username is also your directory, so choose wisely. For domains, your username is not as important.

Not ready for a domain yet? Find a free host (remember, there are huge limitations and I do not suggest it).

Custom Search
index.html, the most important HTML file
When you hit, and your browser reads, what file is loading? On almost all web servers, this file is index.html. When the web server sees / and no filename, it automatically looks for index.html.

Imagine a situation where you are making a web site of three HTML pages, the opening page (index.html), an about me page (aboutme.html) and a links page (links.html).

If you're on your own domain, the files would look like this once you upload them on your server.
The first page,, can also be loaded by just typing

The same is true of folders (directories). If I made one called /dave/, I could put a new index.html in it, and it could be accessed two ways:

The Two Copy Rule
When you write your web site, you'll need two copies:

One on your web host
One on your hard drive
There are two reasons:

You need a backup (this is the obvious one).
When you're working on your site, you don't work on it live! Imagine how silly it would look if a page changed every two minutes while you worked on it!
When you work on the copy of your HTML pages on your hard disk, it's called "editing the local copy." The copy on the web host is called the "remote copy." (Kind of like a remote control, controls something far away!)

Take our previous example with three files...

You'll edit all three of these from a folder in your hard drive, and once you're down, you'll upload them (Covered in Chapter 10) to your web host. Then the whole world will see them!

Tip: You can view your files on your hard drive before you upload them.

Open your web browser.
Choose File -> Open... File, (Browse).
Find the folder with your HTML files.
Double-click the one you're working on, and presto! It's in your web browser.

The Most Common Mistake
The most common mistake for new designers is the urge to put the c:\ in links and images (covered in Chapter 4). When you're on the web, there is no c:\ to the rest of the world. When you start out, keep all your HTML files and images in one folder, and don't use c:\ at all.

Quick example:

loads an image into a web page. If you have a file called taco.jpg, use the code to load it, not

In the next chapter there is a 2-minute guide on domains, and after that you get to learn how to code HTML!