How to increase traffic to your blog in 3 steps?

How to increase traffic to your blog in 3 steps?

1st.- Post links to your blog in related forums, on your, or page or in your another blog. The links that I have posted in related forums have received the most hits because people are curious on the blog that you are promote.

2nd.- Make sure to use sites like pingomatic: to ping articles. Pinging informs search engines that your blog has been updated and therefore allows you to appear in searches. Similarly, submit your RSS feed address (click on the orange RSS button) to search engines. Search online for free search engine submission sites - usually these submit your RSS feed to smaller less popular search engines. However, the more places your blog shows up in search the greater the chance it will be viewed by more people.

3rd.- Make sure to read other peoples blog, post comments, and leave your link signature. This will increase the potential that your blog will be viewed by others.

The last but not least is writing a high quality of blog post. Do not just post anything and everything. Make sure to take some time with each post you are writing and only write about topics that you feel people are interested to read

Therefore, be patient, work hard, and follow all the other advice in this article as it will assist you in increasing traffic to your blog.

Keep on trying…

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