My Blog Is My Fortune!

In this world of economic recession who doesn’t want to make money? And making money while sitting home and writing topics which you like the most, is definitely an inviting offer. Why not avail it? In fact the best way to do so is by creating a blog of your own. There are countless web hosting websites which help you do that, some good ones which I can think about are or even . The rest depends on you and what you want to do.

Making money online is certainly not a trivial job. Ask those who make small fortunes online and they’ll tell you that how much they had to do, in order to achieve their goal. There are people who start blogs, are active at first, but ultimately their blogs die down. Why does it happen? Is it that they’re not good enough? No! Some people who start blogs are much more educated and talented than those who are already the “kings of blogging”. The reason is that these people are not consistent and eventually loose heart when they’re blogs stop getting traffic.

“I expect to maintain this contest until successful, or till I die, or am conquered, or my term expires………”---Abraham Lincoln

Hence, keeping in mind the above quote, everything dies or expires when it stops its struggle, just like water becomes stagnant when it stops running. Therefore, even your blog expires when you run short of ideas and stop posting on it due to any reason, it may even be laziness.

To create a successful blog, let me give you some tips:

• The main topic of your blog should be the one in which you’re most interested,
• Set up a goal at the start of your month,
• Use flagship blogs to attract traffic,
• Be short and concise in writing,
• What you write should be clear and easy to understand,
• Know your audience.

Apart from the above points one basic thing that you should keep in mind is that the niche that you choose for your blog should be the topic about which you’re most knowledgeable. It can be anything, from your hobbies to your work or simple writing. Use the above points to start a blog and use keywords in your blog in order to attract more traffic. if there comes a time when your blog receives less traffic or no traffic at all than do not loose heart, be determined and keep on writing, in the end you’ll surely achieve your goal.

Make your blog more informative. Add plug-ins to your blog to make it colorful and versatile. If you have multiple passions than you can always write about them. Rather than launching products, give your honest opinion about them and always “BE ORIGINAL”. Write about anything you can and want to write and keep on writing and there’ll be a day when your blog will be overflowing with money even more than you desired.

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