5 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

Guest post by Albert Fang

Affiliate marketing is probably the most common monetizing method that about every webmasters use to make money online. How to better emphasize on increasing those profits? Read on to learn more.

1.Picking Affiliates that Matches Your Theme: Picking affiliates that best matches your site’s theme may sound like the obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how many webmasters are displaying affiliate banners that aren’t somewhat even correlated to their site’s content. Although promoting another affiliate may pay more, in the long run your most likely losing money because your target audience is possibly on money making, and your displaying banners on weight loss products, that wouldn’t make sense no? Targeted banners are the way to go. Although payout may be a little bit lower, it can really add up to being massive once you have a large audience of readers who sign up. Stick with promoting affiliates that are somewhat related to your content. You’ll see the most success that way.
2.Experiment With Different Affiliates: When I say experiment with different affiliates, I mean try a variety of payment methods, such as…
◦CPM (Cost per Impression)
◦CPA (Cost per Action)
◦PPS (Pay per Sale)
◦PPC (Pay per Sale)
Every site is unique, and there is no definite answer as to which is the best method of payment. It all varies site to site, you just have to experiment with the different networks your self and emphasize on those that bring you the most success.

3.Try Different Styles & Tones: Try blending in ads or mixing banners together to overall have a better look to your web page. Better incorporating ads into your website is very important in terms of generating more clicks, curiosity, and focus to the ads to help generate more income. I cannot emphasize how important this process is.
4.Polish Up Your Articles: Your articles lacking power or enthusiasm on affiliates your promoting? If they seem dull to you, then they are probably to your readers as well. Polishing up your articles to better emphasize on what your promoting can be the difference between getting 5 leads per day to 15. I have had many clients who asked me before why they weren’t getting much leads, and the moment I read their first paragraph, I already knew why. This is probably the most important tip of them all, for content is key to making a successful income with affiliates.
5.Cleaning Out External Links: If you have too many links that simply link out to sites other than yours, then that can be a really bad thing. You are losing valuable customers who could be making you more money online. Try losing those long blogrolls and sum it up to 3-5 links max. Lowering your external links is important to keeping your visitors alert and alive when reading from your website.
This was a guest entry from Albert Fang, the owner of MoolaDays.com. For more information on Albert fang, he and his blog emphasizes on the ways to make money online, tips on Internet marketing, ranking high in the search engines, and much more.

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