Legitimate ways to make money online with GetAFreelancer website

There are many freelance websites available on internet where you can get some projects and make money online while working at home. Some of popular freelance websites are elance.com, guru.com, Scriptlance.com, LimeExchange.com and GetAFreelancer.com. In today’s post I will focus about how to make money online with GetAFreelancer website only.

GetAFreelancer is one of the best freelance website for programmers, web designers, Seo’s, bloggers, content writers, Administrators, data entry operators etc where you can offer your services to the buyers by placing bids on open projects or jobs in your category. We need to spend some time on any freelance website including GetAFreelancer to get some work.

How to Join GetAFreelancer

There is no fee charged for joining GetAFreelancer website. Click on this link to join GetAFreelancer website if you are looking for some work while sitting at home. Please add all information about you and your professional experience in your profile page because most of buyers will be interested in checking your profile before assigning any project to you.

Once you have created an account on GetAFreelancer (GAF) website, go to GAF home page are browse “The 50 Newest Projects”. Now go though the description against the projects you are interested in and is capable of fulfilling all the tasks mentioned in the description section. Now click on the ‘Place a Bid’ link and make the minimum bid against a project you are interested in. You should make minimum bid from your side because you are new and there are many more people interested in that project with higher ratings. You can even search for jobs of you’re your profile in categories matching your expertise.

Ratings/Feedbacks System

Most of freelance websites including GetAFreelancer have ratings and feedback system where members are assigned some ratings for each completed project or job. The more projects a person completed, the more ratings or feedback that person will get. The more ratings you get with freelance websites, the more money you actually will be able to make with them.

Communicating with Buyers

Communicating with buyers is the most important part for winning a project on GetAFreelancer website. You should send a private message to the buyer (explaining about your expertise and lowest amount of money you will be charging etc) as soon as you place your bid on a project. You will have very rare chance of winning a project without communicating with a buyer.

Once you have placed bid and communicated with some of project buyers, wait for their response. You will have great chance of winning a project as soon as you receive any reply from any of buyer that you placed bid for. Once you receive a positive response from any of buyer, work according to his/her requirements.

With GetAFreelancer website, we can place bids on 15 projects per month only as a free member. And as a gold member you can place bid on 160+ projects every month. So you should switch to gold membership as soon as you earn your first $12.

Benefits of gold membership

You will not be paying any fee on winning a project in case of gold membership. But you have to pay 10% of total project value after completion to GAF if you don’t have a gold membership. Suppose you finished a project of $200 as a gold member, all of $200 will go in your pocket. But if you had finished this project as non-gold you will be getting $180 in your packet and the rest of $20 will go into GetAFreelancer website account (10% of total project). Cost of gold membership is $12 per month only.

Payment System

The mode of payment that you can use to receive money via GetAFreelancer website is Paypal and MoneyBookers. I would suggest you to use Paypal if your country is available in Paypal supporting list otherwise use MoneyBookers service to receive your earned money via GAF.

Note – Never send your contact details like your email id, phone numbers etc in your personal emails to buyers. GetAFreelancer website will suspend your account the moment they sense you sent your personal contact details to the buyers on GAF. Avoid using ‘Message Board’ to communicate with the buyers and use ‘PM’ to communicate with them.

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