So you think that there is too much confusion about making money online? This guide is created to make things clear for you

Anyone can make money online. There are a myriad of ways you can do so. Let's discuss them.

The only thing required is selecting the best program and a little bit of consistent work on learning how exactly things work. It's simple but not easy!

You don't necessarily need a computer educational background, to make money online. There are myriad of alternative ways that can help you make some bucks on the internet.

Freelance Projects Online
This is the most popular way you can make money online. Thousands of projects are posted on freelance websites.

Think of these free lance websites as "Ebay" for online jobs. These sites are meeting point for workers and service buyers.

Its done on a project to project basis, it's all legitimate. With no doubt this is the most popular way to make money online.
Complete Guide Tips on how to start freelance business

Have a Blog
Blogs are getting more and more popular as a way to make money on the internet. The best part of the blog is you can't start with very little or no investment at all. The only qualities you need is a little bit of time, lots of knowledge and good writing skills
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Website business
This would require a little bit of money and business skills. Internet business is easier to start with as compared to real world. The competition is tough so is the opportunity and the number of buyers. Complete guide on website business

Buying or selling domain names
Domain names are the real estate of internet world. You can register a domain name with any hosting provider for $10 and depending on demand and quality, it may be sold off for anything ranging from $100 to $10,00,000 (How to make money with domain names)

Make money selling photographs
Do you know there is a big demand for every type of photos on the internet. But please note that not all types of photos will sell. You may need to be a little professional to be able to earn a consistent income. Click here to know more

Create music and sell it online
Everyday web designers and other media companies look for small pieces of music loops online. If you know how to create music at home, you may well off to a start. (Complete Guide)

Design T-shirts
If you know Photoshop or any design software using which you can create awesome designs you may plan to sell them getting paid for it. (Learn how)

Selling your videos online (Guide)
Get Paid for Video Content created by you !The best place to start this is metacafe where some top earners more than 500$ weekly ! you get paid 5$ for every 1000 views on your video and with daily more than 300,000 visitors on the site, earning potential is very good.

Write an ebook
If you are an expert at any subject you may write an e-book. The main benefit over publishing a paper book is there is less cost involved. Moreover e-books can be easily marketable online with little or no cost.

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Teach Online (Guide)
Internet is a place to learn, there are many tuition jobs available on the internet. You can make money if you

Google for money
If you know internet, you would need no introduction to Google. The largest search engine has a few programs through which you can make money. (Complete Guide)

Making money with Ebay
Ebay is the largest and most popular C2C e-commerce site in the world. Thousands of people come there to buy and sell stuff. There is a huge opportunity available to make money there. (Read: Start making money on ebay from Day 1)

Making money with Clickbank
What Amazon.com is to books, Clickbank is for e-books. You can easily make money selling your own ebook or digital product. You may make money through Clickbank without even having a website (Read: Getting rich with ClickBank)

Sell Instructional Videos (Screeancasting for money)
You can create online videos to

Make money with Affiliate programs (Guide)
There are many companies of the real world who have set out to market their services online. From big banks of America to Credit card companies of USA.
Learn how you can make money through Affiliate programs

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