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Blogads is just for fellow bloggers and not for site owners. With Blogads, advertisers make decisions about on which blog they want to show their ads and the pricing for ads are decided by bloggers. So it’s up to a blogger to decide whether he/she wants to display ads for a particular advertiser or not.

With blogads, an average blogger is able to make around $50 every month by showing advertisers ads on their blogs. But there are some popular bloggers who are even able to make $1000 even more every month with their blog while working with

Blogads is totally different from other ad networks as they keep only 30 percent of total amount for which an ad is sold. Suppose, an advertiser bought an ad your blog for a month for $100, in this case, you will get $70 and the rest of $30 will go in Blogads account. If you look at revenue sharing model used by most advertising network, they keep the revenue share to 50:50.

Blogads is invitation only right now and to participate in the blogads, you have to be sponsored by a blogger in the network on In case you are unable to get a sponsor for you, we can mail them at signup at blogads dot com. Visit website for more information about making money online on your blog using various advertising options available with this blog advertising network.

Keep on reading blog for more ways to make money online from your blog. Apart from money making tips, soon I will be writing an article about optimizing a Wordpress blog from seo and user prospective. So keep on visiting my blog for many more ways to earn money and to get valuable tips for traffic building on your blog.

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