ways to bring traffic to your website

Like any other website/blog owner, we all need some kind of promotion to bring more traffic to it. Once we have we have completed the creation of a website or blog, our next task is bringing high number of visitors to it.

Every site owner has his own way of promoting and bringing valuable visitors to it. There can be hundreds of ways that can be implemented to promote a website. But surely there are some ways that every site owner can follow to drive more traffic to their websites.

1.Using MY Yahoo service - submit your website rss feed on My yahoo as that will help your website to get indexed quickly on Yahoo.
2.Submitting to Google Reader - when you submit your site rss to Google reader, it will be fastly crawled by Google blog search
3.Using the pinging services - Use the pinging services like ping-o-matic every time you add new content on your website for getting more visibility and links for your website
4.Submitting to search engines - Don’t forget to submit your website to big search engines like Google, yahoo, msn, AltaVista, Ask.com etc
5.Submission to web directories - Submit it to top web directories like dmoz.org, Yahoo Directory, Business.com, Best of the web..
6.RSS submission - Add your website/blog to as many rss submission directories and search engines you can. Here is a big list of blog directory & rss submission websites.
7.Value added comments on websites/blogs - Commenting on other websites and blogs of your niche is also a great idea to get some valuable links as well as traffic to your web page. If you leave a value added comment there, many people will click on our website to know more about you and your website. But don’t spam other people website/blog and don’t get lazy in writing comments on related sites. When you regularly visit and comment on a website, that will be noticed by its readers. So commenting on other people page can give many valuable readers as well as link to your website
8.Using in E-mail signature - link back to your website in your e-mail signature section. When you use it regularly for all of your out-going mails, you will see that you start getting some traffic through your signature that is clicked by people whom you send your e-mail
9.Using Google group - One can use Google group, yahoo group, msn group and many more group for building more traffic for their website. when you think of getting visitors from such groups, go for your niche specific groups and if possible create your won group there and continuously work on that to bring more people to your site.
10.Using forums - As I have discussed earlier, forums as well can be used to drive more links and visitors to your site.
11.Article submission - One can use article websites like ezinearticles, americanchronicle, findarticles, goarticles, articlecity etc kind of top article submission websites to get quality links and visitors for their sites
12.Buy traffic and Links - buy text and banner links for your website from the blogs/websites in your niche
13.Link exchange - Link exchange is still effective. There are many website owners who still use link trading as their main source of getting quality links for their website. And when your website has good back links for their targeted anchor text, your site will surely drive high amount of traffic from search engines.
14.Participate in webrings - Get involved in banner exchange and webring kind of programs.
15.PPC programs - Use pay per click kind of advertising to get more results for your site. When you use such kind of programs, your site will be listing in the sponsored section in search results on a search engine. All major search engines including Google, yahoo, MSN have their advertising programs.
16.Paid & free reviews - Ask people to write review about your website, product, services or your targeted keywords with your main keywords there. Offer them some kind of offer or payment per review that is being or will be made for you.
17.Social media marketing - Create strong profile on social media sites like Digg, propeller, Reddit, Newsvine and submit your favorite stories there
18.StumbleUpon - Install StumbleUpon toolbar in your system and create your account there. Make friends, write reviews, ask people for review and submit your interesting stories there
19.Squidoo and Hubpages - Go to these websites and create your lens and hubs there. It will not take more than 15 minutes to setup a hub on hubpages.com and a lens on squidoo.com.
20.Wikipedia kind of open sources - If you have a popular website, why not create a page for your website on wikipedia.org. With this one can add their website pages link in the existing wiki pages. But add only relevant links on wikipages otherwise your link will be removed from there. And if you tried to over spam it, your site get banned and then you will not be able to add any link from that domain on wikipedia.org. There are some more wiki about how to manual including ehow.com, wikihow.com
21.Mybloglog kind communities - Create your account on mybloglog, blog catalog, bumpzee some of cool blogging communities. These communities will help you het in touch with other people/blogger of your niche. You can use these kinds of communities to drive traffic and valuable link for your website. Create communities, make friends, add people as contacts, join others communities, messaging and add their widget to your website/blog
22.Using press release - Press releases are great tools for traffic building and brand building for a website. This will bring lots of traffic and valuable links to a website. So write a press release for your website and submit it to PrWeb.com & Webwire.com
23.Traffic Exchange programs - There are many traffic exchange programs available on the internet one can use to add more traffic to their existing visitors count. When you search on Google for ‘traffic exchange’, you will be able to get lots of traffic exchange sites there.
24.Free and paid classifieds - One can drive more traffic and links for their website using free and paid classifieds. Search Google.com for free classifieds, you will get lots of classified sites there.
25.Technorati Service - Register your blog on Technorati and use its tagging service to drive more visitors to your website. Use Technorati pinging service and work towards increasing your Technorati rank and Authority.
26.Yahoo Answer kind of services - One can use Yahoo Answer, Answerbag, and allexperts.com kind of question answering websites to bring more people to your web page.

These are some of ways to bring more people to your website. There will be many more ways for traffic building on a website. Do you have a tips that you want to share with us?

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