Tips On How To Get Traffic From Twitter

As one of leading micro blogging applications beside Plurk, Twitter has absorbed hundred of thousands of internet users (may be millions) attentions and growing rapidly to be one of the most recommended micro blogging system to gain traffic to a blog by SEO firm or SEO expert.
Why Twitter is categorized as Micro blogging system/application because it restricts number of characters sent by its user per message (140 characters at maximum).
It’s because its simplicity to use which has made Twitter very powerful and most used application compared with other similar services. Sending an email to friends that you’re now drinking Starbucks coffee may be considered spamming and annoying by your friends, but sending the same message on Twitter would raise curiosity and attention to your hundreds or thousands Twitter followers and provoke a discussion.
Can you see the point now? Yes! Twitter is the place to hang out and telling people about anything you do and to build your own community of hundred or thousands followers.
This where the traffic comes, If you have a big amount of followers and has built good relation with them, you can drive them to be your loyal visitors.
But of course there’s areas in Twitter you must optimize to drive traffic from Twitter, and here’s How To fetch or get traffic from Twitter:
1. Put your blog/website url link in your profile just like the following image:
Blog url Link in Twitter Profile OK
To put the link go to “Settings” and put your blog url link in “More Info URL”. This way your visitors will be easy to find your blog. And to get to know you deeper.
2. Find people who have the same interest, naturally not all people in Twitter have same interest as you, you won’t get much attention from people who love science if your blog theme is about SEO. Therefore find ones whose have the same concern as you. Twitter gives 4 options to find people:
* Find on Twitter
* Find on other networks
* Invite by email
* Suggested Users
I will focus on Find on Twitter to make it more relevant to the issue we talk now. You can find this feature on top bar of your profile, see “Find People” like in the following image:
Find on Twitter
And click “Find on Twitter” and a search engine to find people on twitter will appear, like this image:
find people in Twitter ok
If your blog is theme SEO and searching people with the same theme, you can write down SEO keyword in the search, and Twitter will be displaying all SEO people in Twitter result page, like this image:
finding seo people in twitter
The reason for searching people with the same interest with you is simple, if your blog is about SEO then people who like SEO would likely be enjoy reading your blog and build relationship with them.
3. Displays your RSS Feed to Twitter, I have posted about this few months a go, with this every article you publish in your blog will automatically be displayed in your twitter account so every Twitter followers of yours could notice them. And you can find the post here: Ways to dsplay RSS Feed to Twitter.
4. Be active, the last yet not less important is be active. Don’t just use Twitter to promote your blog and ask followers to visit it directly or indirectly but you must be active too, respond their messages and get involved in discussion your followers make. This will build tight bond between you and your followers.
5. Good luck with your twitter image logo and see you in the next post on SEO Blog.

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