Helium Introduction

Helium is a knowledge base where we can submit our quality article and make money depending upon the pageviews generated by our article. Apart from this amount, we will be able to make some more money from Helium revenue sharing where they share some of revenue generated from website among contributing writers. We will be able to make more money with Helium as we submit more quality articles to them for publishing. Helium has also a marketplace where buyers submit their requirements about articles they want writers to write for them. For each article, there will be multiple writers or publishers writing their articles and buyer will chose the best article among all submitted articles. And the writer whose article is chosen as the best article will be able to win some good amount in the range of $40 or so for that quality article.

You can make huge amount of money while working with Helium if you are a brilliant content writer. They pay writers on the basis of pageviews generated by their articles. However it is not fixed, generally you will be able to earn $1 to $1.5 per thousand pageviews. So the more pageviews your article generates, more money will be credited in your account.

You can make more money with Helium by participating in contests. They have 4-5 contests running all the time and they pay good amount in the range of $100 or $150 or even more to the winners. So don’t forget to check their contests section to see how they work and how you can win them.

Content requirements
Helium has wide range of categories where you can submit articles of your expertise like computers, mobiles, health, food, recipes, business, education, jobs, sports, travel etc. They have 400 words as the minimum requirement for each article that you submit to them.

Payment system
They send all payments via paypal which is very fast and secure way to send and receive money online. And their minimum payout is $25. So you have to earn $25 before expecting any money into your paypal account from Helium. So once you receive $25 go to ‘Request Payment’ option available in your Helium account and request for the earned money before the end of the month. And by the 10th of following month, your earned money for the previous month will be transferred into your paypal account.

Referral System
You will be able to make 5 percent of what your referred members make. Suppose a serious writer referred by you is able to make $100 every month with Helium, in this case you will be getting $5 as your referral fee for sending that valuable member to Helium.

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