Five Ways To Ensure Your Twitter Campaigns Fail Miserably

There is no doubt about it, the potential to make a lot of money on Twitter is great. However, the potential for a campaign to crash and burn also exists. If you play the game the right way, you win, if you don’t, you lose. It really is as simple as that. There are lots of articles and information on how to properly market on Twitter. In this article, we will take a different approach and discuss 5 surefire ways to fail.

1. Never Provide Updates: One of the quickest way to get a bunch of people to unfollow you is to never have anything to say. If you don’t take some time to write posts, people will get bored with you and will either not bother to check your updates or will stop becoming a follower all-together. The only people that may be able to get by with this behavior are major celebrities. Because this probably does not describe you, it is important to connect with your followers through consistent interactions.

2. Refuse to Answer Anyone’s Questions: If you ignore your followers, fail to answer any of their questions or speak with them, you will come off as either arrogant or clueless. Both which are very bad for business and will make it difficult for you to make sales or build a list. Furthermore, someone might call you out of it which can lead to a cyber fight (so unprofessional) or people will stop following you because they don’t see you positively interacting with others. No one likes a bully!

3. Constantly Send Out Advertisements: If your goal is to sabotage your business, constantly and incessantly send out advertisements. Never have anything of value to say and don’t contribute to the lives of your followers. This is self-sabotage to the fullest. Not only will people accuse you of spamming but you may have your account closed.

4. Be Rude and Aggressive When It Is Not Warranted: When people reach out to you say something rude and nasty in response just because. If they ask a question or challenge you in anyway, let them have it! This is the one of the easiest ways to guarantee Twitter failure.

5. Promote Products That Suck: Another great way to get people to despise you and to ensure that you have very little chance of making money from any of your followers is to promote products that suck and that do not back up their claims. Rest assured that your followers will Tweet about it and spread the word. Every time you try to sell something else, you can be sure they will mention the last shoddy product that you promoted. Therefore, either purchase the product you are going to promote prior to recommending it, or do a ton of research before you endorse it.

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