Update on what sites I am doing right now for extra money

Well I have been doing a few different things right to make money right now and here are what they are:

1. My number one thing that I am doing right now is blogging to make extra money. I suggest that you start your own blog if you already haven't and advertise it as much as possible. Then when you get good publicity with it apply for Google Adsense and then put Google Ads on your blog to make money from it. I am not making much from it right now but in the future it will make me more money than anything else I am doing right now. I suggest starting from Blogger as they are the most popular.

2. The site that I make probably make the most per day is from Mylot. I am on that site all the time and you make money for just socializing and doing other stuff like that. It is probably the most legit paying website out there and I suggest checking it out if you like to socialize and like to make money at the same time. There is more explanation about this site on my other post below.

Calling all make extra money fans!
make extra money
Join me on myLot! Discuss make extra money and make a little money while you're at it.

3. Another site that I like and still use is IMReportcard. You get paid to review a bunch of different products but just be careful as they don't accept some International users so that is your warning but I think they test you if you are international when you sign up. More explanation about this site on my other post below.

4. Right now the thing I am trying are online survey websites that pay you money. Here are a couple of legit ones that I am trying out:
1. Globaltestmarket
2. Lightspeedpanel
3. Mysurvey
4. Focuslinesurveys

These are all websites I have done research on and seem to be the most legit out of all the survey websites. These websites might make you more than Paid To Click websites if you qualify for enough of them.

5. Recently I have signed up with Flixya. It is owned by Google and it is a website where you post videos, pictures, and blogs to earn money. You earn money by Google Adsense as when you post anything on Flixya Google Ads will appear next to it and if people click on the ads you make money. It is that simple!

Good luck to everybody and please follow my blog and leave comments if you need help with anything or what you think about what I am saying.

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