PTC or paid to click

PTC is a online business model where visitors are paid to complete certain actions such as viewing pages, completing surveys or clicking ads.

It is one of the easiest ways to earn online. The earnings come to you through some payment processors like PayPal, AlertPay etc in which one can easily and freely open an international account.

Problems with PTC

There are huge sites claiming to be genuine, fast paying and instantly paid programs but very few actually are. I have myself been cheated by dozens of such sites. You can check the sites I joined in about.

The payment per click is so low,

The cash-out level is so high,

The numbers of available clicks are so low,

The processing of payment is so time consuming,

The risk of becoming a site scam is so probable
Even after working hours we end up with no or very meager amount. That even insufficient to full fill the day to day needs. Some sites doesn’t pay if you do not have referrals in your sites for few months.

PTC or paid to click Tips and cautions for joining new sites
Suppose one PTC site have cash out limit $10 for basic member and payment processing time is 30 days or instantly. A half cent for each clicks and has 10 ads to click. The per day earning is 5 cents, monthly say 150 cents to make a payout to need at least 6 months to get a little money ($10 only). This is basic strategy with 90 % of PTC sites. Even with a harder and consistently we work and mean while if site becomes scam then over hard earn is in garbage. So be cautious.

Never pay or become premium member, you will either lose your hard earned money or not get that much return. Before becoming a premium member check the advantages of it with free or basic member. Premium membership is good only with most genuine sites and when you have a regular down line referred members under you and got payout with free member.
Do not buy rented referrals they mostly are bots (software that clicks to trap you as genuine referral person). This system can be found by their clicking types. These rented referrals click well for few days and at the last you will be at loss of not getting the amount you paid for referrals. Did you thought that why anyone pay just by relaxing at home as premium user need not click to earn from referrals you could have earned millions.

The genuine site can offer you not more than 1 cent per click and half cent for referral click. Check the advertisement side of PTC before join and checkout the rate of advertisements. Suppose a site give $10 per thousand clicks for duration 30 seconds then they cannot offer you more than a cent per click and they offer more than there must be scam process or they are phishing at us.

Check carefully that a site offer ads for standard or basic member, click rate, referral click rate, cash out amount and time to get payments for standard member. These all can be known in FAQ or TOS and also advertising panel which they get the click rates.
Regularly check the site PTC forums, payment proof. A site with no forum or removed it means it’s not reliable. The admin should be active in the forum and who responds on forums.

Tricks for PTC sites
Make a group of friends who use net regularly. Suppose you have a group with friends 12 and each an every have net connected. Now each one join a PTC site and then each one join under his referral, join though referral link. Now each one joined 12 sites say F1 to F12. Now F1 joined Neobux, F2 joined matrixmails, F3 joined palmbux from this site. From F2 to F12 join under F1 joined site i.e. Neobux with F1 referral link, then F3 to F12 and F1 join under F2 and so on for F12. By this you increase the earning rate by 6 times for each one. To clarify F1 joined Neobux so is earning will be
Earning from own clicks: 4 clicks a day = 4 cent per day or $1.20 a month
Earning from 11 referrals=44 clicks a day = 22 cent per day or $6.60 a month
I.e. a total of $7.80 a month from the main site and this money he can use to buy rented referrals for his other sites. Now averagely earning will be $10 a month from every PTC without investing even a single penny and spend a maximum one hour a day.
Be regular for each site you joined otherwise the rented referral earning will be a waste only.
Never go for referral exchange sites, they will overburden you with scam referrals only.

Be selective on the PTC sites and never go for high PTC earnings sites.

Click for the minimum payout first with basic or free member and after getting a payout you may buy rented referrals and increasing the earnings or become premium member for good returns.

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