How to check Pagerank of Internal Pages

Why is it useful

check internal pagerank

In terms of control of your site is useful because you know the ratings that Google has established for the inside pages linked on your site home. And according to this, you can choose the most effective way to make money in relation to the evaluation of every single page. E.g. an internal page with PR 3 may be useful for reciprocal exchange links without having to insert them on the home page.

In the case of sites that are not yours but which you may be interested in for the sake of backlinks, here is a tool to make the most of those pages listed by Google.Web Diagnostic Tool | Check PR of all internal domain's links
Useful, mostly if you'll sell links on your pages and want to check how the result of your SEO efforts.

You can generate revenue from your web site by selling simple text link ads on your pages with at least pagerank 1. You can increase your search engine rankings and link popularity by purchasing quality one way text links at the lowest prices.
  • 4 daily query limit.
  • Takes few minutes for more than 50 pages to analyze.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • To rembember: The internal pages examined by this tool are just the pages linked on the home page. If a site has 2000 pages indexed, but only 80 linked on the home page, just those 80 pages will be analyzed.
Now a very practical example, imagine to be a blogger and that you're trying to post a comment, in order to have a good backlink, to another blog more popular (DoFollow). You have the popular blog home url, post the link in the tool above and choose the best post where to post your comment with your keyword.

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